January 19, 2009

Generation Pre #1

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Inauguration crowd will test cellphone networks

Indeed, for some incessant communicators — the members of Generation Twitter — experiences seem complete only if they are shared via mobile device, said James Katz, the director of the Center for Mobile Communication Studies at Rutgers. The devices also let attendees show off their presence to those not able to be there in person.

He said that the carriers who were asking people to communicate judiciously were fighting “human nature in two ways.”

“One is asking people to postpone the instant gratification,” he said. The other is that the attendees who respect the request to text and not talk, or forgo sending photos, will be frustrated if they see others in the crowd indulging.”

Emphasis added by me.

The Power Of Social. The Power Of Pre?

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There’s a wonderful sequence in the past season of Doctor Who, in the episode The Stolen Earth, that illustrates the power of sociable technology.


The Doctor’s got my phone on the TARDIS, but I can’t get through.


That’s why we need the subwave – to bring us all together. Combined forces.


And we’ve got Mr Smith! He can link up with every telephone exchange on the Earth. He can get the whole world to call the same number, all at the same time. Billions of phones calling out, all at once!











Martha, is that you?! It’s a signal…


Can we follow it?


Oh, just watch me.


After the Palm Pre is in the hands of we puny humans!

Why Pre? Why Me? Why PrePoint?

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I was looking forward to a nice rest from blogging.

It’s lasted all of nineteen days.

My Bene Gesserit were wrong about the sexy mini-tablet (although they insist a prototype exists).

Palm still had the Ace of Sprint card to play.

So it turned out to be a “phone” after all.


The Palm Pre.

Except I don’t think it can be dismissed as a “phone.”

I think it’s the opening shot in a whole new way of interacting with the Web.


It’s the first social device.

I’ve been trying to bang this into the heads of people in Comment after Comment at Palm Infocenter.

So much so that I might as well have just been writing blog posts.

So here I am and here this is.

Why the name PrePoint?


Because that’s where I believe the Pre is meant to exist: as the new central point of the Internet.

In fact, like a black hole in outer space that exerts a pull on spacetime and warps it, I think the Pre will similarly make an impression on the Internet as we now know it.


It’s going to change things.

As for what kind of blog this will be …

… if you’re interested in the latest developments in PreLand (oh, someone will go name a site or blog that now!), click on one of the sites in the Blogroll at the right. They’ll serve up your Pre fix.

Here, I’m more interested in posting about what I think the Pre might do, how it fits into things, and generally un-newsy stuff like that.

Until I own a Pre.

Then … things will change.

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