January 21, 2009

Quote: Matt Crowley Of Palm

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Matt Crowley: Product manager, tech lover, toy maker

Here’s a small example involving Pre’s 3.5mm headset jack (vs. a non-standard 2.5mm jack used in other phones). We wanted the customer (okay…me included) to be able to plug their standard noise-cancelling Bose headset into their Pre on a plane and rock out. No funky adapter needed; it should just work. But there was no room for a 3.5mm jack in the design. So it was my job to work with the engineering and design teams to find a meeting of the minds and make it happen. We kept asking: What if we curved it here? What if we had a unique part made to fit? What if…? Finally we came to a solution and balanced the efficiency of the speakerphone air space, and we made a unique 3.5mm headset part to match the curve of the Pre design. The result: You get great speakerphone performance AND a standard headset jack for my…I mean, your…noisy flights.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I like to know some of the thinking that went into product design.

I’m glad they didn’t just throw up their hands and settle for something none of us would like!

I’m hoping this is indicative of a new direction for Palm.


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