January 23, 2009

The Pre And The Cloud And You #1

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I’m among several vocal Commenters over at Palm Infocenter who are … less than delighted … with the idea of entrusting our private data to The Cloud.


Let’s get something straight, though: You’re in The Cloud right now. This blog exists there. I type most posts directly into the WordPress web interface, not a local client program (such as BlogDesk).

You’re also in The Cloud when you access YouTube — and Flickr — and Google — and also if you use webmail.

If you’ve used any part of the Internet post-9/11, odds are our Government has spied on you and probably cloned your data.

But even so. I don’t want to make it exactly easy for someone to sniff through my stuff, especially certain cretins I’ve encountered in The Cloud.

The following video addresses a privacy concern I’ve had about data stored in The Cloud. I dislike the idea of a court granting a subpoena behind my back to a service in The Cloud to permit law enforcement — for increasing thin reasons, if any — to sort through my stuff. This video addresses a portion of that concern. Listen to it very carefully.

Will SaaS Disapear into the Cloud?

For our business, Mozy, we get subpoenas on a regular basis for user data. And we just ask the question, “Is the data encrypted with a private key or is it encrypted with the Mozy key?” And if it’s encrypted with a private key, nothing we can do. There’s no data to give them.

— Vance Checkett, Mozy

On the surface, that sounds reassuring.

Until the government says, “Fine, just clone those encrypted files and we’ll use our tools to crack the key.”

Trust me: If they want your data, they will get it. Whether it’s in The Cloud or on your Pre.

The question that still looms: What about all those identity theft cases due to disgruntled or corrupt employees?



And yet, The Cloud might be simply inevitable. Hence this series of continuing posts about it.



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