January 24, 2009

The Pre And The Cloud And You #2

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A day after posting a little bit about the dark side of The Cloud comes this news report.

securitybreach02 Reports Theft of User Data

The company disclosed on its Web site that it recently learned its database had been illegally accessed. user IDs and passwords were stolen, along with names, e-mail addresses, birth dates, gender, ethnicity, and in some cases, users’ states of residence. The information does not include Social Security numbers, which said it doesn’t collect, or resumes. posted the warning about the breach on Friday morning and does not plan to send e-mails to users about the issue, said Nikki Richardson, a spokeswoman. The SANS Internet Storm Center also posted a note about the break-in on Friday., the U.S. government Web site for federal jobs, is hosted by and was also subject to the data theft. also posted a warning about the breach.

Emphasis added by me.

That’s not good customer service!

She also would not disclose the volume of data stolen, but said the company decided it would be prudent to alert all of its users via its Web site.

The company advised users to change their passwords and reminded them to ignore e-mails they may get that purport to be from the company and that ask for password information or instruct the user to download anything.

Emphasis added by me.

A website notice is really dropping the ball. There’s no guarantee that all users will see it. I can envision users who might have their information on that service who haven’t logged in for months — and might not do so again until after the notice has been removed.

How will services in The Cloud treat you if your data is improperly accessed? It seems to me there has to be a Cloud-wise Best Practices standard agreed upon. Because if there isn’t a clear standard, I can see the Government stepping to demand one of its own. We still have a Federal Trade Commission.


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