January 26, 2009

The Pre And The Cloud And You #3

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In Cloud We Trust?

At the very least, some basic cross-posting services, tools, or desktop applications could move us towards a future where local data was replicated to numerous clouds with one simple action. Even a basic photo uploader tool that synced pictures to all the free online services would be much appreciated at this point. Or a document uploader that synced files between your computer, Live Mesh, Google Docs, Zoho, and others. That way, we could live in the best of both worlds with the confidence that our data was relatively safe…somewhere.

There are two issues here.

1) Standardized data structures. It should be easy to move our data out of one service to another. WordPress, for example, claims to give me an XML Export file. Well, I tried that file with a service that will take XML as input and format a printed book from it. The file was rejected. An email inquiry revealed WordPress is not actually doing 100% compliant XML.

2) Propagation of data. It’d be senseless, say, to have the Pre camera upload the same photo multiple times, for multiple services. I suspect this is where Sprint will step in with a propagation solution. The photo will be uploaded to a Sprint server service and propagated from that. One upload, automagic dispersion.


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