January 27, 2009

Classic PalmOS: Soon A Memory?

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Rooting around for Palm Pre posts, I came across one that has been deleted from the blog that published it.

It states that within two months after the introduction of the Palm Pre, the Palm Centro will be euthanized.

This is a screensnap of the Technorati cached copy:


Perhaps it was clearly false and that’s why it got pulled.

But it does bring up the bigger question: How long will Palm keep classic PalmOS going after the Pre is on sale?

Why support two platforms? Why devote any resources to supporting a platform that’s clearly destined for oblivion anyway?

With Windows Mobile, Classic PalmOS, and Palm webOS, Palm will be supporting three operating systems. Something has to go.

Let it be Classic PalmOS.



  1. It would be nice, though unlikely, if Windows Mobile were the OS they got rid of instead. PalmOS is much more stable and easier to use than Windows Mobile, has a wider variety of applications, and better cross-platform support for syncing to non-Windows-running PCs and Macs. It appears, however, that PalmOS is soon going to be limited to the Centro, they are terminating their PDAs, and the few remaining Treos that run it, and the Centro too has probably a limited lifespan. I couldn’t imagine them selling Centros alongside of the Pre or even the Treo Pro for long, hardware-wise they are at opposite poles with regards to elegance; admittedly.

    Comment by Ploni Almoni — January 28, 2009 @ 2:46 pm | Reply

  2. In past conference calls with financial analysts, Palm made clear the WinMob platform is targeted at corporations. So, if that’s bringing in money for them, I say keep it, as the profits can go towards Pre development.

    From a control-your-own-destiny standpoint, it would make sense to dump WinMob. But that’s not to say they should then hold on to creaky Garnet for much longer.

    Comment by mikecane — January 28, 2009 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

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