January 28, 2009

Palm, Please Learn From The App Store Mistakes!

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Palm indicated it will take a different tack with its App Catalog than the one Apple has taken with its App Store.

Once again Apple has chosen to play Nanny and has denied entrance to an application: There’s a Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On in the App Store

This is really the key sentence:

Atherton says Apple gave his app a second look after Wobble topped the sales chart in Japan.

What’s unclear there is if he means the App Store for Japan.

Apple has embarrassed itself in the eyes of intelligent people by banning a comic book and banning an eBook.

Yet not only did it approve of shooting nurses in the face in the UK App Store, it has also allowed that now in the American App Store [this link will launch iTunes].

In fact, with the American listing, they’ve allowed a more violent screensnap!

American App Store

UK App Store

Before Apple came along, no one had any problems with handheld apps for sale and with eBooks for sale.

I don’t recall seeing a single article about the “dangers” of games for PalmOS and Windows Mobile devices.

I don’t recall anyone wringing their hands over the language in eBooks sold by Fictionwise, eReader, MobiPocket, the Kindle Store, the Sony eBook Store, and others.

And then along came Apple, appointing itself Nanny.

It’s my sincere hope that aside from checking for unsafe code — outright spamware and malware — Palm will refrain from value judgments when it comes to applications and information.

In addition, I hope the Palm Pre will also be able to download applications and eBooks from any vendor, not simply Palm. Caveat emptor, of course, but word travels fast on the Internet.

I think most non-geek people will rely on the official Palm App Catalog.

But everyone shouldn’t be restricted to only that choice.



  1. Make sure to leave your thoughts about app distribution on the official Palm Developer’s blog:

    Comment by Stefan Constantinescu — January 28, 2009 @ 6:12 pm | Reply

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