January 29, 2009

The Pre And The Cloud And You #5

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This is a very disturbing account:

Don’t ever use Google Apps for anything important

Here’s why you should never use Google Apps for your domain paid or unpaid.

I started using the free version Google Apps a little over a year ago for one of our intranets. Luckily it was an intranet and not the main site! I guess it wasn’t entirely luck. Management would never have let us use it on the main site. Anway, we used the shared calendar, email for a certain group, Google docs and a few other things.

For the most part things worked well. A few weeks ago it was time to renew the domain, and as the admin I promptly paid it using Google checkout.

Shortly afterwords the domain expired on the day aniversary date and we were totally hosed.

I went and double checked, and, I’m showing in google checkout that I’ve paid for the renewal. I then go back to the dashboard and see that it tells me that I need to renew in 2010. So as far as Google is concerned I’m cool. But enom which is the registrar that google used to register my domain thinks that the domain is expired. Worse, I can’t log into their system and pay for the damn thing.

I can’t pay for it on Google either because Google thinks I’m all paid up. It gets worse. Much worse.

It quickly becomes a twisted nightmare of negligent customer service that is now echoing throughout the Internet.

I hope both Palm and Sprint see this and plan whatever cloud services are in the wings with more attention to customer service than this. It’s inexcusable for a customer to be ping-ponged between different groups. This is a Google service and all fingers point back to them.

Likewise, anything offered by Palm or Sprint will be seen as Palm and Sprint services, regardless of whether another party (or two or three) have been contracted to provide all or certain aspects of a service.

Both Palm are Sprint are seen as longshots as cellphone manufacturer and as carrier. The Palm Pre is a chance for both companies to flourish again, so all aspects of customer service will have to be top priority.

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