February 2, 2009

What Do I Need On My Own Palm Pre?

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Some of these items will overlap with a few questions I raised earlier.

1) YahooMail. That’s the webmail I use. Asking me to switch to GMail is a non-starter. I hope I won’t have to access YahooMail through the browser.

2) Twitter client. On a regular weekday, I can get anywhere from 200-300 tweets in an hour (conversation as well as news tweets). I’d really like a client that’d grab and store them while I’m on the go to read and reply to later.

3) Blogging client. The iPhone has iBlogger as well as dedicated TypePad and WordPress clients. I’m sure WordPress could do one, but an all-in-one tool like iBlogger would be superior. (I emailed the iBlogger folks. No enthusiasm at this time, but I hope that will change.)

4) Word processor. Yes, I’ll give Documents To Go another shot, but still. At least one more, for the sake of choice.

5) Photo tool. I use Photo Toolkit for basic but essential things: crop, resize, rotate, and shrinking both the color palette and dpi. A tool like this would be great in conjunction with the exciting Pre camera.

6) Bluetooth keyboard pairing. I already have a nifty Bluetooth keyboard. It might not be svelte, but I have it and I can use it immediately. I’m hoping Palm has learned from the aggravation of past users and has built in a universal Bluetooth keyboard driver that most hardware makers can interface with. I’m not looking for specialty function keys immediately, just being able to pound in text would be enough to start.

7) eBook Reader. It must do ePub, which is the eBook file format all major publishers have agreed to use. Currently, this means Stanza on the iPhone. In fact, Stanza is the only smartphone software that does ePub. And if Stanza arrives for the Pre, it might bring eReader capability too.

8) RSS client. I don’t use RSS on my desktop. I did try it for a while with a prior (very bad) pocketable device. I can see mobile RSS being useful, especially since Twitter doesn’t yet cover all bases for me.

9) UStream client. The iPhone has one, which really surprised me. I didn’t know it was possible. Since the iPhone has it, I want it for the Pre too. UStream is very useful.

It’s not a list of ten, but it’s still what I’d need either at Pre launch (YahooMail, Twitter, Bluetooth keyboard) or shortly thereafter to make the Pre an ideal device for me.

All of the above is thinking about what I need. If, say, I had “cheated” and browsed through everything available for the iPhone, this list would have quickly bloated into what I’d like to have — instead of just need.



  1. Besides everything you said, I’d also love to see:

    VOIP Software – So I could make and take high quality (free) calls from my Wi-Fi network at home.
    Text Editor – And any other tools necessary to build Pre apps, so I could write my own programs natively.
    Tethering – I probably won’t need to use my netbook to get online if I have my Pre on me, but just in case.
    Podcast Catcher – Downloading podcasts directly to my Pre from their RSS feeds? I’d be surprised if this isn’t available on launch.

    Comment by Henson — February 2, 2009 @ 11:04 pm | Reply

  2. I want full Bluetooth capability out of it.
    PIM Sync
    Stereo with AD2P
    File Sharing
    and HID Both ways. (so i can use a bluetooth keyboard with it, but i can also use it as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. This way I can hook it up to my PS3 and use its keyboard for messaging.)

    Comment by Dave — February 3, 2009 @ 8:03 am | Reply

  3. On-Device Google Apps – Is the on-device map app confirmed to be Google’s Maps? Mike, any thoughts on how deeply Google is going to partner with Palm on the Pre? This seems rather important, and given Palm’s belief in the cloud it would seem to be a natural partnership. Will we see on-device apps for Google’s Docs & Spreadsheets, Maps, Picasa, YouTube, Reader? God I hope so… It seems like the new Google Latitude service would mesh well as an integrated part of Synergy (not just as part of the maps app).

    High Performing Video & Audio Player – Ideally something with a decent range of Codec support, but if nothing else it just needs to have optimized playback of H264 video utilizing the graphics hardware so battery life isn’t destroyed. How will it compare to iPhone and G1? See link regarding playback abilities of the other two devices:

    Bluetooth Keyboard (HID Profile) – I realize this is niche enough to be akin to wanting some old school IR support, but I really love how a WinMo phone and a bluetooth keyboard can be a nice solution for a number of mobile computing scenarios where just the mobile isn’t good enough (no matter how decent the mobile’s keypad) and a notebook isn’t quite needed.

    Voice Dial/Command – Would be great to be able to continue to dial contacts, launch apps and start media playing via voice activation.

    User Customizations – Hoping the webOS is open to user customization. At the most obvious end of that is setting customer alerts, ring tones, background images, icons, themes and skins, etc., but hopefully it’s open enough that users can plug in new search portals in the device search app (google images, yahoo, live, etc) as well as integrate new IM services in the Synergy’d messaging application. I’m sure there are plenty of us also hoping the main screen can be turned into a widgetized today screen to display some info at a glance. Hopefully the SDK provides the framework for all of this, but if nothing else hopefully it doesn’t actively thwart it.

    Comment by Galt — February 5, 2009 @ 12:11 am | Reply

  4. I would really like to see a Palm OS classic emulator. That would be my number one concern!


    Comment by Uriah — February 5, 2009 @ 6:01 pm | Reply

  5. @Galt: All good questions, but I doubt we’ll know any answers unless Palm starts giving out more details prior to launch!

    Comment by mikecane — February 6, 2009 @ 9:23 am | Reply

  6. I’ll add to the list. A couple of things I have on my Treo that I want to carry over to a Pre:

    – VNC client
    – Slingplayer

    Comment by David — February 6, 2009 @ 9:28 am | Reply

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  8. What I need on my Palm Pre, is a count down timer. You know something I can set for how long till my next paycheck or how long have I been unemployed. I also wouldn’t object to an accurate memory count of how much of my 7.1G I have used or is left available. Folder options for my pictures including how much space they are using before I have to upload.

    Comment by I Wienold — October 18, 2009 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

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