February 3, 2009

Bolt Smartphone Browser Does Flash Video

Filed under: Groundwork — mikecane @ 8:27 pm

BOLT v0.83 S60v3 J2ME-Browser with Streaming Video,Flash,Split Screen View [update]

Bitstream seems to be offering a beta version of a new smartphone web browser called Bolt, which boasts “full PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones.”

Key features of BitStream BOLT include:

– WebKit based rendering engine

– WebPages are compressed at a rate of 23:1

– ECMA Script 262 JavaScript support for Web site forms, applications and other information

– View AJAX pages that are written using ECMA-262/JavaScript 1.5 standard

– Supports WAP 1.x content WML, and WAP 2.x content XHTML-MP with WCSS and ECMAScript-MP

– Automatic detection for RSS feeds

– Supports streaming Flash videos

– Split screen browsing – 2/3 of the screen shows the full page, serving as a mini-map with a highlighting box, while the other 1/3 shows the magnified area

– URL auto-complete

– Detect phone numbers for Click to Call

Red emphasis added by me.

Look at what’s in this screensnap:



What’s unclear is whether this browser depends on a proxy server. This seems to hint at that: “23:1 over the air data reduction speeds delivery of pages to your phone.”

Still, I wonder if they will do a version that adheres to the Palm Pre GUI?

Just for the sake of being able to get YouTube, Veoh, and other Flash videos services as soon as possible, this could be an interesting bit of software.


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