February 3, 2009

iPhone Now Does Veoh! Will The Palm Pre?

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Veoh Comes To Your iPhone!


Oh. My. God.

I didn’t think UStream for iPhone was possible.

And I never, ever expected this!

Veoh is the second most popular online video service.

To me, it’s the best online video service.

Only those who have taken the time to plumb its depths understand why I say that. (I will not be doing initiations, so you may not ask why I say that.)

Right now, the only way the Palm Pre can top this is by having full-out Flash video capability.

Really, I’m not just drooling at the thought of Veoh accessibility via iPhone, I’m actually getting cramps too.

But wait: Could there still be hope for the Pre?

Yes, the wait is over — Veoh is now accessible on the iPhone and iTouch! Simply navigate to and we’ll automatically route you to our iPhone/iTouch web application.

Maybe so! Because, despite those screensnaps, I can’t find a Veoh application anywhere at the iTunes Store!

If Veoh is doing all this via detecting the ID for Mobile Safari and redirecting iPhone and iPod Touch users to a special site, then Veoh can do the same for Palm Pre owners too.

I can haz Veoh on the Palm Pre?


  1. Just added to my iPhone. This is looking good so far! I’ll let you know what’s up soon!!!

    Comment by Urban Literature — February 3, 2009 @ 2:25 pm | Reply

  2. Veoh works great on the Pre. Veoh doesn’t detect it automatically, but it works perfectly if you go to

    Comment by Matt — July 2, 2009 @ 12:30 am | Reply

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