February 18, 2009

PreBits For February 18, 2009

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No big issue to post about today. Just little bits I haven’t seen elsewhere.

First, who this is very, very happy man?


It’s Ed Colligan. He took Palm from a Case Study to a Basket Case and back to a Case Study. Really, it has to be an unprecedented business turnaround.

He’s part of a BBC video that begins with the So What HTC Magic phone and concludes with the lust-o-licious Palm Pre.

And now, some Twitter Talk:


Do my two dreams about the Palm Pre count? No? Bah!


Me too! And I keep telling myself not to get even an iPod Touch because I don’t want to have to compare it against the Palm Pre.


Yes, come over to the Palm Pre. You know you want to!


Oh yes. That sums it up nicely!


Elisabeth’s trial continues!!


OK, I have to admit that if the next iPhone has a TARDIS built into it, I’d have to seriously reconsider the Palm Pre. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel in time?! Maybe all those people getting together for the PreDevCamp can get a software-based TARDIS done for the Palm Pre. Let Warren Ellis point the way!


Palm Pre, présentation, images et vidéo, has some luscious photos.

Palm Pre eindelijk te zien op MWC, has some more pictures, including one of a Palm Pre next to a WinMob Treo Pro.

Palm Pre: nuestras impresiones also has photos and a video.

Finally, tradeshowmetrics has an interesting mashup (which will change by the time you see it!) of Palm Pre Mobile World Conference material.



  1. Don’t get the iPod Touch; it’s not worth it. My son has a Touch, and I have my T|X. The Touch is, bluntly, a toy compared to the T|X, and the comparison to the Pre makes the Touch look even worse. Now, granted, the Touch is a *pretty* toy, but it’s meant for casual use, not professional use. Heck, my Pilot 1000 did cut-and-paste in 1996! {ProfJonathan}

    Comment by Jonathan Ezor — February 19, 2009 @ 7:21 am | Reply

  2. The Touch would primarily be for WiFi access, blogging, and eBooks. But I don’t want to wind up with another device. Plus, the Touch lacks a camera which really isn’t ideal for pocketable blogging.

    Comment by mikecane — February 19, 2009 @ 9:24 am | Reply

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