February 21, 2009

webOS As Lipstick

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Recently the TamsPalm blog ran some pictures of a Palm Centro allegedly running webOS.

I immediately thought it was a fake of some sort and didn’t bother with blogging about it.

1) webOS has no place on the Centro, period.

2) If Palm wants to introduce a lower-priced Palm Pre, they can do it with the original 8GB one by introducing a 16GB model — and even possibly a 32GB one.

The webOS pictures were actually a new product from those Foleo-burned wizards at TealPoint Software (hmmm … no, I didn’t even consider their company name before naming this blog!):

The next best thing to WebOS

More than just a visual skin, TealOS is a multi-functional application launcher that gives your time-honored handheld the exciting look and feel of the newest devices. Providing a powerful and intuitive way to organize your activities and work flow, it runs under PalmOS but simulates the card-based interface of WebOS on the new Palm Pre. TealOS comes complete with support for thumbnail image cards, a translucent applications screen, customizable background images, and even a popup wave launcher. While keeping your existing phone and applications, it’s the next best thing to a brand new phone.

Apparently it’s been released today — February 21 — which makes it as new as new can be.

It’s priced at US$14.95 — although it can be downloaded and tried for free for thirty days.

Here’s a video preview:

I’ve been debating whether or not to try it on my miserable LifeDrive. I still have iPhoney — which mimics the iPhone home screen — on my LifeDrive and have hardly ever used it.

— thanks to Jay Canuck for the tip.


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