April 3, 2009

My Palm Pre Lust Hits The Red Zone!

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I’ve been busy with other things so have only just now begun to catch up on the flood of new Palm Pre videos generated by its appearance at the CTIA.

And the second video I hit pushed my Palm Pre Lust Pedal through the floor.

Look at this!


I’d heard of the MotionApps Classic PalmOS emulator but dismissed it out of hand because I figured all it would do is run third-party apps. That is, it wouldn’t contain the native apps — Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Memos.

But that screensnap shows that it will!

Oh. My. God!

I can just move all of my current LifeDrive stored data over to the Palm Pre and be in business immediately!

This is not insignificant to me.

I have close to a decade of Calendar information.

I have over 300 Contacts.

I have several hundred Tasks (mainly as reference).

And — wait for it! — I have a whopping (as of right now) two-thousand seven-hundred and sixty-seven Memos.

All of that information I depend on every day.

It’s the loss of that which accounted for my hesitation in getting an iPhone, despite the fact I wanted one. What good would it have been if I still had to drag around my LifeDrive? Why carry two devices?

I hoped against tremendous odds that Palm itself would see the wisdom in shoving Classic PalmOS into the Pre, even as they constantly played coy about that possibility.

And now I see that Palm has done The Right Thing.

Apparently they’ve granted MotionApps access to OS-level hooks the majority of webOS developers won’t have access to (at least not immediately). And even beyond that, they’ve apparently given MotionApps a license to use their own Classic Palm apps!

This is an EPIC Win!

But wait! That’s not all the Win for me. I can now also use two Classic PalmOS apps: SmartDOC (which goes back to Palm OS 3.x!) and MiniWrite. Both of which I also use every single day.

All of this has absolutely cleared the road for me to get a Palm Pre. I have zero hesitation now. I can wind up carrying one device that contains two of the best functional paradigms ever produced for a pocketable device: Classic PalmOS and webOS.

Here is the Phonescoop video I snagged the screensnap from:

I originally saw this at the MyPre post, where Chris Davies pronounced:

Our suspicion is that this is more a useful boast – “look at all the legacy software you have access to!” – rather than something most people will actually use.

Oh Chris. You are soooo wrong!



  1. You know, I’d reckon there’ll probably be another way to get at that data without resorting to an emulator. I mean, Palm ain’t dumb.

    And those apps are only available due to the ROM.

    Trust me when I say this – get rid of your legacy. Port your data to something sustainable. And don’t trust emulators.

    Comment by mj — April 4, 2009 @ 1:54 am | Reply

  2. One thing that is a bit of a let-down to me is that the PIM in Classic are completely separate from the WebOS PIMs and don’t interchange. That being said, Classic is easily gonna be the first Apps for the WebOS that I buy. I would love to use it as a stop-gap measure until the WebOS market grows

    Comment by JayCanuck — April 5, 2009 @ 7:35 pm | Reply

  3. […] Just when we thought that Palm OS is finally dead, Palm has announced the very much asked for legacy support via a third party app developed by MotionApps. The app called Classic will now support many of the 30,000+ PalmOS apps out of the box (full compatibility list will be provided by MotionApps). In addition Classic will contain standard PalmOS apps like Calendar, Contacts, Memos, Tasks etc. Now that made at least one person very happy […]

    Pingback by Palm OS emulator goes official on Pre | Palm WebOS Blog — April 6, 2009 @ 2:14 am | Reply

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