June 10, 2009

Farewell, Ed Colligan

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Jon Rubinstein Appointed CEO of Palm
Ed Colligan Steps Down After Sixteen Years of Palm Leadership

I was soooo mean to Ed Colligan:

Palm Computing: Self-Destruction By Self-Distraction

What Palm needs is a leader like Steve Jobs. Someone with taste and vision. Ed Colligan just doesn’t seem to be that kind of guy. He’d be a great lieutenant to such a person. But he just isn’t the leader Palm requires if it’s to celebrate a 20th year of existence (especially as an independent company).

Palm Wants Us To Wait ANOTHER Two Years…

Palm, Inc, the maker of the Treo smart phone, will continue to focus on ease of use and reliability rather than design, Palm CEO Ed Colligan said in an interview at the 3GSM telecommunications trade show here.

“We think that will be a greater driver of purchases in the future,” he told MarketWatch in the interview. “We don’t want to follow design fads.”

What This Year’s Treo Should Have Been

Hey, Colligan! Hiring Mercer to tart up PalmOS isn’t going to distract people with brains from the fact your hardware is going to die! die! die! under the onslaught of the iPhone!

Engadget Snags The Attention Of Autistic Palm, Inc.

Just a few questions for Ed:

1) Are you insane?

2) Are you that out of touch with reality?

What Engadget has put in one post has been said for YEARS over and over again at Palm Infocenter — which used to be *the* sites for PalmOS enthusiasts. As Fake Steve Jobs might say, Have You Heard Of It?

If We Can’t Have Momentum On This, Can I At Least Get An Amen, Brother?

Dumbass Of The Year: Ed Colligan

“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone. PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

I’m So Bad, I’m Good

Can it be Ed Colligan’s resignation?


Then not interested.

Will Palm Die Or Show Others How To Be Reborn?

“In my opinion, the Foleo is going to be most successful and the most significant product that Palm has done.”

Palm’s Worst Nightmare: HWR For iPhone

Wet your pants, Ed Colligan. Your gloat is over. Resign now. Palm is dead. And good riddance!

Palm + Celio Redfly = Mystery Device?

Ed Colligan is not below slapping a Palm label on the Redfly.

It’s Foleo Day! Did You Celebrate?

Palm’s Colligan: Centro Easier Than iPhone!

I think people are buying Centros for different reasons [than the iPhone]. They’re [Centros] easier to use, they’re a little less pretentious, they are smaller form factor. They’ve got a full keyboard for doing data entry.

To say that I never missed a chance to stab Ed Colligan would be … entirely true!

There has probably never been a company that took such a leadership position in a market and then dribbled it all away. The only thing that saved Palm from looking like the total disaster it was becoming was this year’s deserved collapse of General Motors.

What Ed Colligan has in his favor — what ultimately redeemed him — what his recognition that he didn’t know what to do next. This is a very tough thing for anyone to have to admit — and I applaud Ed Colligan for having the bravery to admit such a thing. It takes real guts to do that.

In doing so, Colligan gave Palm another shot in the market. If press coverage, word of mouth, and general Internet buzz could instantly translate into real dollars, Palm would have had a market capitalization above that of Apple, given the six months of anticipation that led to the introduction of the new Palm Pre.

Having brought Palm to its Third Act (Pilot, Treo, and now Pre), it’s fitting for Colligan to step away and regroup for his own Third Act.

Farewell, Ed Colligan.

I’ll sharpen my knife for Jon Rubinstein.

He’s been warned now.


  1. You left out a few Mike that were more to the point, like this…

    Hey, Elevation Partners!
    mikecane @ 12/12/2007 8:37:51 PM #
    How the hell can you allow Ed Colligan to stay? Verizon won’t certify that Treo because it’s CRAP. CRAP happened under the reign of ED COLLIGAN. The Foleo went through YEARS of wasted development under ED COLLIGAN.
    If you guys think the Centro should redeem Colligan, I hope to hell you not only lose every cent you dumped into Palm, but have your asses personally bankrupted by shareholder class action lawsuits and government investigations til you rot!

    The FIRST announcement of layoffs should BEGIN with ED COLLIGAN.

    Comment by Gary — June 10, 2009 @ 8:59 pm | Reply

  2. That looks like something that was posted at PIC. Is it? Wow. Yeah, I really wanted Colligan out. And then two years later … the Palm Pre!

    Comment by mikecane — June 11, 2009 @ 7:40 am | Reply

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