January 22, 2009

Palm’s Spare Battery For The Pre?

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Palm Spare Battery Charger for Treo 800w – Includes Battery


Constantly on the move? Leave a spare smartphone battery charging in this convenient and portable battery charger. Just insert your spare battery into the charger and plug it into your Palm AC adapter, USB Charging cable, or Vehicle Power Charger. Charge up at the office, your hotel room, or car so you’ll have the power you need.

* Charges your smartphone battery, usually within 2-4 hours
* Doubles as a durable carrying case for your spare battery
* Convenient, lightweight traveling solution
* Free battery included

Note: Charging cable not included.

This was pointed out to me at Palm Infocenter as being used by the Palm reps demonstrating the Pre.

People who say the enclosed battery of the iPhone is a shortcoming are simply mad. There are many clip-on batteries that can provide full-day use with all radios running. Palm had to go with a removable battery because the form factor of the Pre won’t work with iPhone-like battery sleds.

I don’t know if I’ll need a spare battery, but this design is clever, with the charger also acting as a battery carrying case.

January 21, 2009

Wristband Battery

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Wrist Band Portable Battery


This wearable rechargeable battery pack is designed for quickly and easily supplying extra power to all of your popular portable electronic devices. Provided with a stretch cord and 7 types of power connectors, it is easy to wear your new fashion accessory while powering your cellphone, MP3/MP4 player, portable game player, and similar handheld personal electronics. When used as a direct power source, provides up to 3 hours talk time or up to 8 hours MP3 use.

I was led to this from a variety of sites.

I’ve linked to the source itself because the other sites misled people to believe this was a product that can be bought in the U.S.. Apparently not. It must be ordered from China.

I’d rather not run the risk of having a potential explosive on my wrist!

I’ll be interested if it’s ever offered by a trusted American company.

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