April 1, 2009

PrePoint On A Palm Pre! YES!

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I break my silence here for the momentous news that I’ve beaten to a pulp threatened begged politely inquired of Vincent Nguyen of the MyPre site to get a photo of this blog on the screen of a Palm Pre.

He has come through like a champ!

Go see the excitement over at his post!

And while you’re there, catch up on all the other exciting posts they’ve put up today — including photos of Pandora and ABC Mobile TV on the Pre!

Thanks, Vincent, Palm, and the rest of the gang!


February 20, 2009

Some Sprint People Get To #MeetPre

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I send Waves of Jealousy in their general direction!



And confirmation of what was stated at the CES intro:


February 15, 2009

Does A GSM Palm Pre Already Exist?

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What to make of this surprising tweet earlier today?


galileo44 has a blog that’s in Chinese and he’s located in Hong Kong.

Does Hong Kong use GSM? Plausible alpha testing?

Update: Less than 30 minutes after posting this, PreCentral confirms there is indeed a GSM version of the Pre lurking about in that region of the world!

February 13, 2009

PreSpotting: Knight Rider

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THIRD UPDATE: Palm itself says it is not a Pre. Scroll to bottom!

This post will be updated, so come back for more.

palmwebosblog ReTweeted a Palm Pre sighted on Knight Rider last night.

I’ve got a quick screensnap up on Flickr.

I’ll be going through the episode now and getting more.

If you want to see the episode for yourself: Hulu link.

Update follows:

As it turns out, the best pic was the first one I threw on Flickr. Still, more:


Apparently the first use of a Palm Pre on screen was in Knight Rider. And it was all rather low-key too!

krs01e15pre002Not a Palm Pre!

krs01e15pre003Reverse-angle of not a Palm Pre!

Right, here comes the Palm Pre!

krs01e15pre004Knight slides it open with his thumb!



krs01e15pre007The big picture that confirms

A shame nothing else of it was shown. I wonder if it was simply a dummy shell?

Second update!

I didn’t check Comments until after doing this update.

First, JayCanuck points out a YouTube clip. Go to about 5:00 in:

Second, TreoKing links to waaaay better pictures than mine. Apparently he has a muscular PC that can do HD video (mine can’t!), so these snaps are clearer: One, Two, Three, Four.

Thanks for the additional material that adds to the Pre excitement!

Third Update:


Those tinyurl links are to the four better-resolution screensnaps TreoKing left in the Comments.

Palm replied:


Trust me, Palm itself would know!

Ah, so no Palm Pre.

February 9, 2009

Another TED Conference Palm Pre Encounter

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This seems to be the final one (or … so far!):


February 8, 2009

Some News About The Palm Pre At TED Conference

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Of course, being impatient for some new Pre news, I griped:


And moments later I was surprised with a reply!


A bit more searching revealed this:


That’s the second time someone exclaimed that when encountering the Pre!

A trend in the making?

February 7, 2009

There’s A Palm Pre At The TED Conference

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It belongs to Roger McNamee. And he’s apparently been found out and people are tweeting about it.

One lucky guy:


The excitement continues to build!

January 30, 2009

PreSpotting: A Real Sighting?

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This one could be for real. His Twitter profile places him in a credible location.

One of these days, someone will think to take an actual picture — even if it’s with a camera phone!

January 27, 2009

PreSpotting On Twitter #2

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Two intriguing tweets:


That’s Computer Shopper, so I can understand that.

This one is a mystery:


According to the blog linked to his Twitter profile, he’s located in Brooklyn, NY. There’s a living Palm Pre in the NYC area?!!?

And Alfie has taken to writing entire lovetweets to the Pre:


January 26, 2009

PreSpotting On Twitter

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If there’s any doubt that people are excited about the Pre, just check out the daily massive chatter about it on Twitter.

Here’s a sample (unchronologically) from just the past 24 hours:


And the winner:


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