February 21, 2009

CSS/HTML/JavaScript: What’s Possible?

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Not being a coder of any sort, nor really a techie of any sort, I still wonder just how Palm’s webOS gambit will work out.

So I keep my eye out for things that illustrate the promise of webOS.

And tonight I came across Appcelerator’s Titanium.


I don’t know how applicable it is to what Palm is doing, but this video seems to offer a great deal of promise for what’s possible with the tools used to develop for webOS:

January 25, 2009

Two Previously-Unknown Pre Features

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Palm Pre review – better than the iPhone?

Ignore the “iPhone killer” blather (I heart the iPhone).

Two things are revealed in this video:

1) The camera “can upload [photos] directly to Internet galleries.” This wasn’t mentioned anywhere else. The camera is also briefly shown working.

2) The browser is shown going into upside-down portrait orientation!

The Clash Of The Titans?

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I was searching through Flickr and was stunned by a screensnap.

It made me go to the original source video.


Once they were a team …


… they shared a stage …


… and a vision …


… now they are opposing forces!

Now Pre-pare for the biggest battle of them all!!!



Just a bit of fun.

January 21, 2009

The iPhone Vs. Pre War: Opening Shots

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Palm Pre vs iPhone (I’m a Mac style)

Palm Pre vs iPhone 2 Charging (I’m a Mac style)

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